Our Erasmus + experience in Bulgaria

In early September (2.9.-8.9.), we participated in the project "Art is long, life is short" in Bansko, Bulgaria.

On photo are participants from Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Croatia, Greece and Spain.

The project aimed to teach us how to identify and combat discrimination and stereotypes, resist the undesirable suggestion of the acceptability of discriminatory processes and stereotypes through the arts, distinguish between different types of discrimination in life and in the arts, and help reduce phenomena such as "discrimination" and "stereotypical thinking." We worked in groups, which were either national or mixed depending on the situation. In these groups, we developed analytical thinking, synthesis, research skills, and more. There were 48 participants from 8 countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece, Croatia, and Spain. This diversity allowed us to gain insights from various countries and establish international friendships. We acquired valuable information about discrimination during our sessions, which we can apply to our daily lives. Our session specifically focused on discrimination in music. We discussed topics such as Slovak folk music, Slovak rap music, and gender discrimination. In national teams, each team identified examples of discriminatory music.

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